Established in 2001 as the first and only ballet school of Mugla registered at the Ministry of Education, Zeynep Okçu Ballet School is comitted to train talented students for a professional career in classical ballet and dance in the international arena and adopted an academic education programme according to this purpose. Even students who are not considering a professional career in the arts receive the same high-level quality instruction. In addition to ballet lessons, students are given many practical and theoretical courses that are an indispensable part of their education. These courses include solfege (musical appreciation), gymnastics, mimics, rhythmics, history of ballet, history of settings and costume, improvisation, choreography, modern dance, character dances and repertoire. Students that successfully complete the education will be given diplomas certified by the Ministry of Education.

Zeynep Okçu Ballet School is continually expanding its repertoire and successfully carries out its mission of promoting ballet to wider audiences by means of the performances staged at the end of every year. In only for 6 years, our school has seen significant achievements in this very short period for ballet education and qualified to participate in the 9th International Prague Dance Festival conducted in the Czech Republic in July 2005. With the pride and responsibility of being the first Turkish school invited to this contest, our school participated in this festival with the ideal of proving the talents of Turkish children and youth to the international ballet community and won 6 awards, leaving behind many countries that have hundreds of years of ballet tradition. Following this huge success, Zeynep Okçu Ballet School was invited as the first Turkish school to “Dance Grand Prix Italy” contest conducted in Italy in June 2006 and has won 1st Prizes in every category it contended in, leaving behind its rivals from many countries. (1st Prize in “Ballet Under 16” and “Pedagogy” categories as well as the UNICEF Special Award). In summer 2007, our school was invited for a tour in Germany and staged 3 performances in Augsburg and Berlin. In 2008 we were accepted to participate in the Dance World Cup at Vancouver, Canada representing Turkey and won 5 medals: 2 silver and 3 bronze. In 2009 Summer we competed again in New Prague Dance Festival in Czech Republic and won again 1st Prize in Pedagogy, 2nd Prize in Classical Ballet and many talent prizes and Jury Special Awards. After that, again in Summer 2009 we were invited to perform in China for the Tianjin Perfrming Arts Festival. Within the festival, we performed in China in 4 different stages and in front of the Mayor and the executives of the Government. With these achievements and experiences gained at international stages in such a short period of time, our school is prepared to honor the name of our country at the international stages in the future.

Whilst the primary objective of our school is to educate artists aim to make their mark in the international arena, we naturally do not expect every student of our school to have such a goal. However, the ballet education given in our school will always be more than just a “hobby” for every student – whether or not they plan a professional career. There is no doubt that this education will equip our students with many capabilities that may enhance their lives. Our school carries out education activities in a serious and well-disciplined manner in the light of this responsibility. Ballet education can provide students with countless benefits that may influence their daily lives, success at school, health and so on: The benefits that our school may provide to our students include a noticeable  grace and poise, rigth posture and fit physical appearance, healthy nutrition and self-care habits, discipline, order, orientation to perfection and detail, accepting responsibility, self-sufficiency, solidarity and teamwork, socialization, self-confidence, creativity, ability to express oneself, high sense of rhythm, a vast general knowledge and appreciation of ballet, classical music and art in general. As a result our school prepares students for accomplishements in dance as well as in other areas of life. Above all, your children will enjoy the endless pleasure of working and developing in a field that they love. Happy and well-educated children mean a happy future.